S5 The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (2e) – For characters level Beware of Baba Yaga and her infamous hut! Baba Yaga is an ancient crone. The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga is a major artifact belonging to the mythic witch Baba Yaga, granting her immense ability to travel within the. Beware of Baba Yaga and her infamous hut! Baba Yaga is an ancient crone who is said to have power over day and night itself. Many seek out Baba Yaga for.

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Shop the Open Gaming Store! In addition, Baba Yaga casts spells from her customized list as a 20th level caster. She counts science fiction hjt Connie Willis, Robert J.

Power Score: Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut – “The Dancing Hut” Dragon Magazine #83

The Hut can forgo damage and instead pin the target to the ground. Conjure Mortar and Pestle. Lisa is one of the founders of Adventures Unlimited, a magazine providing scenarios and tips for role-playing games. Guest quarters, magical prismatic healing factory, magic laboratories full of tea that replicates various potion effects.

Fanis Kayios rated it liked ywga Mar 11, Aura overwhelming conjuration and transmutation ; CL 30th; Slot none; Weight 3, lbs. Once at a destination, the Dancing Hut can move or be moved to any other location on that world or plane normally. After perusal, I think its fair to say Smedman was inspired by Dragon 83, but definitely improved upon ygaa work. This adventure has 4. She has also had three of her one-act plays produced by a Vancouver theater group. Michael von Sacher-Masoch rated it liked it May 01, Her motivations for collecting pieces of worlds are just as vague as her reasons for committing vile deeds.


The Hut will not go out of its way to attack if its targets stop their current actions and flee. Other books in the series. Normally this would be too cryptic and the clues are difficult to find but there are ways of getting the information from prisoners or servants of Baba Yaga so puzzling is not a necessity.


I should have used Out of the Abyss as a reference point, so I guess it was a tad unbalanced after all. Notify me of new posts via email.

It may then use its special abilities danicng escape from nearly any situation it finds itself in.

My players are trapped inside a dimensional Fey bubble, and I was considering having them align with Baba Yaga to find a way out. On a success, the target takes 3d10 psychic damage and 3d10 necrotic damage. Multi Spell 3 Legendary Actions. It is a part of obscure DnD nerdlore that has now been codified into an adventure that lives up to its legend in every respect. Awaken the Dancing Hut.


Yes but almost never without subtly telegraphing the death traps in advance, by which I mean both the actual traps and the far more potent traps Baba Yaga has crafted to trap DEATH. Apostolos Kotselis rated it really liked it Jan 17, I have not even gotten into the Flowers of Transformation or similar wondrous artifacts.

Serious magical shit is afoot! dancnig

Scrying inside the Hut? The save DC is After 24 hours, the hut regains half its hit points 94 hp and its fast healing ability reactivates. The Hut can use some ot abilities innately.

The original version was a bit more powerful.