This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step- by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of. This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students by discovering the value and fascination of studying semantics, and move on to. : Semantics: A Coursebook (): James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith: Books.

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Semantics: A Coursebook – James R. Hurford, James Raymond Hurford, Brendan Heasley – Google Books

No previous background in semantics is assumed, as students begin by discovering the value and fascination of the subject and then move through all key topics in the field, including sense and reference, simple logic, word meaning, and interpersonal meaning.

We have already seen an example of this when we said couresbook was sensible to talk of a sentence being in a particular language, and also sensible to talk of an utterance being in a particular language, although one cannot talk of a huurford being in a particular language. Hhurford you got the test completely right, continue to the introduction. Ashe rated it really liked it Dec 30, Xoursebook line numbers are given in the margin for convenience.

This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students to all the main elements of semantics in a simple, step-by-step fashion. Suggested answers to most of these new exercises and questions are provided in a separate online answer key for qualified instructors see www.

Fortunately, the technical terminology of semantics, especially at this elementary level, is nowhere near as pervasive and difficult as the technical vocabulary of many scientific subjects, such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Ccoursebook wish to avoid insoluble disagreements between atheist and theist semanticists, for example, over whether one could refer to God. Yes I No 6 Can one talk of a slow utterance?


The existence of opaque contexts also provides interesting complications to the contribution of referring expressions to meaning. Sentences in different languages can correspond to the same proposition, if the two sentences are perfect translations of each other.

As an English teacher and a long-time student of courxebook foreign languages, I have a fairly broad background in general linguistics. Use the referring expressions George W. Explain and give an illustration different from those discussed in this unit.

Do the following make the same claim in this situation? Yes I No 4 Does the indefinite article, a, prompt the hearer to try to identify the referent of a referring expression? Lists with This Book. Extension is like sense, and unlike reference, in that it is independent of any particular occasion of utterance. These are nouns such as father, son, brother, mother, daughter, neighbour.

Comment Such examples show that the notion ‘referring expression’ is not always easy to apply.

Semantics: A Coursebook

Yes I No 5 Can a proposition be said to be in any particular language? I have not provided answers feedback to the new end-of-unit questions in the text itself. Is it possible to write such an entry which is complete? Very pervasive similarities, such as these, between languages encourage semanticists to believe that it is possible to make some very general statements about all languages, especially about the most fundamental and central areas of meaning.

One thing we would recommend, as you proceed through this book, is that you take a positively critical attitude to the ideas being put forward.

Example The first person singular pronoun 7 is deictic. I need the car here to take the kids to school’ Husband: Notice that one can often use different linking prepositions with no change of meaning, e. The discussion of derivation in Unit 19 has been substantially expanded beyond the treatment of this topic in the first edition to include more detailed information about morphology and its rela- tion to meaning.


Practice Could the following possibly be used as referring expressions? Yes Hurfford No 3 Is an utterance tied to a particular time and place? We shall not try to resolve this issue here. Berger s’est rase ce matin and M. Ssemantics is not such a cut-and-dried subject as, say, chemistry or mathematics, so there is sometimes room for alternative answers and interpretations. The personal pronoun she is definite. Definite and indefinite referring expressions may be more or less appropriate in different contexts.

Assume still the context of a conversation about American politics in Give an example not 34 UNIT 3 Reference and sense 4 Give an example of an expression not found in this unit that has an invariable referent and of one that has no referent.

This is true of indefinite noun phrases.

Firstly, they deal with whole classes of words, e. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, and Michael B. Practice Listed below are the remainders from the above examples.

Smith Limited preview – The correct referent of such a referring expression is something which completely fits, or satisfies, the description made by the combination of predicates embedded in it.

Yes I No 4 In fairy tale and science fiction worlds is everything different from the world we know? Someone else could in fact be guilty of killing her. No trivia or quizzes yet. Hurcord rated it it was ok Dec 04, Yes I No 2 Is a man in John is a man a referring expression? This is the class of examples involving opaque contexts.