This is a Project report conducted by me at IREL, OSCOM. I didi this Organizational Study as my internship project for the partial fulfillment of MBA .. At Chavara Kerala Manavalakurchi Tamil Naidu and Chatrapur Orissa. Organisation Study on IREL Chavara 1 DC School of Management and Technology | Trivandrum Summer Internship Program On Organization. Out sourcing of Internal Auditors for IREL Chavara Unit Kerala for the Financial Year of Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees As a result of study and evaluation of internal control and other.

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To optimize the extraction of heavy minerals 2. Making most efficient utilization of the available source of ieel 3. Safety audit are also conducted regularly.

But they are not commercially exploited for Aluminum production due to economic reasons. To align towards strategic activities of DAE. After the proper journal a bunch of section responsible for proper maintenance of accounts of the company as per requirement of the status.

Skill requirement related to different disciplines are identified and training programs and workshops are efficiency of the human resource. For this purpose the HR department at IRE collects feedback from all department in order to identify their manpower requirements of various departments and then the HR department crosscheck whether there is any overstaffing in any of the departments. To achieve this, a high level Steering Committee has been constituted to look into the current availability of Rare Earths and to suggest short, medium and long term strategies for exploration, production and processing, to ensure long term availability of the raw material Manager Finance without their untiring efforts and tremendous background information this work would not have materialized.


On specific requirements of customers the company also supplies Sillimanite powder by subcontracting. Elaborate solvent extraction and iron exchange facilities were built up to produce individual Oxides like Oxide of Ce Nd Pr and La in adequate purities.

VeeranKuttyDirector, Dc School of Management and Technology for given helpful suggestions and valuable guidance It is our pleasure to express a deep sense of grateful to Mr jayapalan Deputy generalmanager ,Mr Chandrasekhar, Sr.

First Aid Training The training method can be grouped on the basis of level of personnel in the organization.

Organization Study at IREL |authorSTREAM

A product can be either tangible. Sodium Nitrate solution is by product of this plant.

Page 38 education training courses completed previous work history etc. These pegmatites were assessed and evaluated for cnavara economic exploitability and considerable tonnage wasproved with significant ROM grade.


Example of Process layout is shown below. Safety weeks are celebrated to promote the safety awareness among the employee. One of the most important responsibility of a production manager deals with reducing material handling cost which generally is achieved by the use of efficient material handling system and also irrel using plant layouts which is developed in a proper or correct way.

It is a tool in the hands of management establishes goals objectives and targets of the organization and to organissation performance against the stated targets. Increase the efficiency 2. Company will charge Chavaga The present production capacity of pigment in the world is just above 4 lakhs TPA. The zircon mineral being produce by IREL is the raw material for the manufacture of zircaloy tubes used for filling uranium fuel in the nuclear reactors.


But budgetary control has this phenomenon as it implies the use of a comprehensive system of budgeting to as management in carrying out its functions like planning coordination cbavara control. The customers of IRE Ltd are mainly heavy industries like plant glass refineries ceramics etc. It is carried out on the bases of intimation received from the production department.

Inviting and receiving applications 2. To check the legal validity of the financial matters of projects committed by IRE Ltd.

A product can be either tangible slide Microzir Pacifier in Ceramics Sillimanite Refractories Garnet Abrasive for sand blasting water jet cutting and glass polishing. Chxvara capital and cash management decision. If all the formalities are completed delivery instructions are given by the sales department to stores for delivery of the materials to the customers.

It is necessary to get audit approved from internal audit department for the finalization of anything concerned to accounts. Because of a well-known central govt. In fact the purpose of this training is to create to managers with greater adaptability and who can provide creative solution to the organization they work in so it helps the student to become a complete manager for the industry and efficient.