Jadoo has 68 ratings and 4 reviews. Duncan said: A battered first-edition, ex- public library. Which only added to its charm. Loved this book. Old-fashion. John Keel () was a Fortean journalist (and personal inspiration) best known for But Keel’s first book, Jadoo, is my absolute favorite. I’m happy to announce that a new edition of John Keel’s Jadoo, edited by Patrick Huyghe, is now available from Anomalist Books. Jadoo was.

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Jadoo by John Keel ()

It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs. Running roughly pages, it is one hell of an interesting read. Keel was born in Hornell, New Yorkthe son of a small-time bandleader. I had two questions occur to me after I finished.

Kartik Galphade rated it really liked it Nov 25, Index of ufology articles. He left school at the age of 16 after taking all the science courses. The book was widely popularized as the basis of a film of the same name starring Richard Gere. Duffy rated it liked it Dec 31, I had wanted to read John Keel’s Jadoo: He learned the rather interesting Indian Rope Trick.

Keel analyzed what he called “windows” and “waves” or flaps, as they are often called of reported UFO events, concluding that a disproportionate number occurred on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Views Read Edit View history.

He died on July 3, in New York City, at the age of He delves into the secrets of snake charmers and mystics. Did Keel ever return to Egypt, India, or Sikkim?


Keel would go on to become a scriptwriter for radio and television, and a stringer for newspapers. Keel made a rare appearance at a birthday celebration held in his honor among a few of his closest friends.

A fabulous book in the tradition of H. A Brief Biography Categories: Old-fashioned yarns of s weirdness and derring-do. It’s a look at another culture that you don’t often see from our world. A fabulous book in t Wonderful book! Open Preview See a Problem? Perhaps this is just a story; perhaps there is some truth behind it. And what if UFOs and other paranormal manifestations are merely tools being used to manipulate us and guide us toward the cosmic role we are fated to play?

Disneyland of the Gods NY: However, a year into his investigations, Keel realized that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was untenable and did not explain, for him, based within his personality and belief systems, all the answers. Comment by William “Bill” J. I grew to know Keel after being introduced to him through mutual friends Brad Steiger and Ivan Sanderson. Keel coined the term “men in black” to describe the mysterious figures kfel to harass UFO witnesses and he also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and psychic phenomena.

Keel also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and elemental phenomena. Ralph rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Amok Press, reprint, Atlanta: Dutton, ; NY: It saddens me that he only wrote a few books.

Keel used the term “ultraterrestrials” to describe UFO occupants kel believed to be non-human entities capable of taking on whatever form they want. Operation Trojan Jdoothat alerted the general public that many aspects of contemporary UFO reports, including humanoid encounters, often paralleled certain ancient folklore and religious encounters. John Alva Keel, 79, a friend, Fortean, fierce fighter for his theories, professionally a writer and journalist, has died.


At least, Keel can’t work out how that one was done. It is a rare book, and few realize that Keel wrote this book.

He brought his lady love to Egypt but he was too broke to keep her there, so she had to eventually go back to Germany. Feb 13, Roberto Audiffred rated it it was amazing. The popular cultural influence of Keel has been enormous.

The paperback is his account of his journey of discovery to India to investigate the alleged activities of fakirs and holy men who perform the Indian rope trick and who survive being buried alive. Out of print, and sometimes hard to find, I finally picked up a reasonably priced copy of it.

A battered first-edition, ex-public library.

Strange manifestations have haunted humans since prehistoric times. Brent rated it liked it Sep 15, Love him or hate him, John Keel was popular and one of the most widely read and influential Fortean authors of the late 20th century.

Jadoo by John Keel (1957)

Joseph rated it liked it Jan 10, Great book, incredible fun! Photo by Patrick Huyghe. He was a bachelor.